The Scope

Updated January 10, 2014

Below is a resource for you to know where we are at and the scope of our next few months.

One of many upcoming flights
One of many upcoming flights.

What better time to share the Bell fam’s itinerary for the upcoming months? Many have been asking us “Ok, I’m confused, what are y’all doing?” or “I thought you were going to be [fill in the blank]”. Today, your questions will be answered AND you have a reference point when you forget or miss me.

Saturday, July 13th, my best friend Kristen, will be driving me to Tulsa for my journey to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa.

And the adventures continue….

  • Patrick & Kali in Tanzania July 13- August 6
  • Patrick & Kali in Tulsa, OK August 7- 11 for the Penick-Groeneveld Wedding & our niece Whitley Rose’s Baptism
  • Patrick & Kali Move to Columbus, Ohio August 11-18, Patrick stays in Columbus for his PhD
  • Kali in Stillwater, OK for pre-student teaching August 18-30
  • Kali travels back to Columbus for Labor Day Weekend August 30-3
  • Kali to England for student teaching August 4- December 7
  • Patrick travels to England for Thanksgiving Break
  • Kali returns to Stillwater for post-student teaching December 7-9
  • Kali gets to go Home, Sweet, Home in Columbus December 9 (ish)
  • Patrick & Kali drive to OK for the Holidays and set sail for a Caribbean Cruise December 22
  • We get to meet our newest niece or nephew around December 30th (ish)!

Life is normal around January 2014 in Columbus, whatever normal looks like.

As of December 29, 2013, three days before we thought “life is normal”, Patrick received the U.S. Borlaug Fellowship in Global Food Security. You can our blog about the news here.

So as the adventures continue…

  • Patrick continues his PhD at The Ohio State University Spring 2014
  • Kali finds a teaching job January 2014
  • We move to Morogoro, Tanzania June 2014

Of course, as we find out more, our adventure list will become more dense. Stay tuned.

Some other notes:

Dar– we are referring to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

CBUS– Columbus, OH

Okies– people from Oklahoma

SPED– special education

Oh, and from Patrick: soil is not dirt.


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