Meet the Bell’s

Updated January 10, 2014

After dating through high school, gaining our bearings in college at Oklahoma State, we said “I Do” three years ago, May 15, 2010. As we grew to love each other, we began sharing the same interests, passions, and dreams.

Our first year of marriage included road-tripping for our honeymoon, attempting to run together, creating a Bucket List, practicing Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace and envelope system, traveling to Uganda, and simply learning to be one. Patrick also began his Master’s in Soil Science and International Agriculture. Zoi Bell, our pup, joined the family and who knew we could love an animal so much?

Our second year, we added a scant of spice. We moved back on-campus, at OSU, into a female hall of 650 women as Kali was the Residence Director and supervised the staff. Kali also began her Master’s in Special Education. We had our firsts in running; we were no longer attempting to run, we were attempting to gain a new personal record in our next race. We ran our first half-marathon in November 2011 and our first full-marathon in March 2012. We have continued to use running as our stress reliever and time to chat about our day. We flew down to Jamaica for a part get-away, part work for Patrick. This was our first time out of the country, just the two of us.

Now, as we are in the middle of our third year of marriage, you could say we have poured the whole spice jar in the pot now. Patrick took a PhD position at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. We moved to Columbus, and traveled to Tanzania, Africa in the summers for him to work on his research. Kali spent three months in England student teaching on an US Air Force Base.

Then on December 29, 2013, several days before we thought our adventures were going to pause, Patrick received the U.S. Borlaug Fellowship in Global Food Security. This means we will be moving to Morogoro, Tanzania June 2014.

Our life together has never been traditional, and we don’t imagine it will ever be. We feel it is our responsibility to use our skills and education to assist, accommodate, and help others. Whether Patrick it is analyzing soil to feed others, Kali is working with families  to improve their student’s education, or both inspiring and encouraging others to reach for their dreams –we are a team dabbling in adventures, where ever they may be. 



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