Becoming Humble

I graduated in December with not just my bachelor’s, but my master’s as well. I traveled to England to student teach at a United State Department of Defense School. I worked hard as a graduate assistant. I challenged myself. I deserve more. Blah. Blah. Blah.

All these little humongous, foggy messages filled my brain the month of January as I applied for jobs, received a job, and was told I can’t begin until mid-February due to waiting for Board approval. Umm, hello, but I haven’t received a paycheck since June 2013 and needs some cash ASAP. Umm, hello, I’m ready to start now. Umm, hello, can’t you just fix this? I need to start now.

Despite the frustrations, there are always lessons to be learned. My lesson? Humble yourself. Unfortunately, I did not learn this lesson until my last week of being a nanny when I read this:

“You don’t need permission or position to be great. God created you to do great things.” – Christine Caine 

I just paused after reading this.

Permission. I don’t have to let others tell me which professions and people get the title great or worthy. I don’t need someone else explaining to me just because I watch one babe, right now, I will never rise to be something. I don’t need permission to push pass the fact that I am not quite doing what I crave, yet I can still give it my all and be great. I can still help this child learn, grow, move, question, and be loved. I can be great, if I believe I am.

As a nanny I had absolutely no position. I was making $5 per hour. Yes, you read that correctly. Granted, I got a two-hour paid break everyday, so maybe I was making about $6.40 an hour, but still. It stings a little. I wasn’t supervising eight resident advisors and ten desk clerks, speaking with parents, administration, etc. (even then I didn’t have much position, but an amount I was comfortable with).

Although I did not have position or permission while making $5, I still did it. I had no pride in the beginning. I wasn’t happy about my job and wages. My first week I cried during my commute. However, when this chick began to voluntarily hug and give me besos, when she smiles and told me gracias as I walked out the door, when she started to stomp both feet, instead of just her right, I became humble.

Your paycheck doesn’t define you. You opting to move past your pride and be great at whatever comes your way, defines you.

One other thing to note. Finances. Although I made a mere $800 in four weeks. Ouch, stings again. It is $800 more than we would have had if I would have just chilled at home with Zoi. Humble yourself. If you are in financial pain, do not let your pride get in the way of paying your bills. $5 an hour is better than $0 an hour. Oh, and I had  nice little bill of $400 from the dentist last week, thankfully I made a tad bit of money to pay for the lovely charge. We are strict followers of Dave Ramsey’s envelope system. Despite having student loans, we have zero debt. We are able to accomplish many things because we cook dinner at home most nights, we pack our lunch, we get about one new article of clothing once a month, and I get in trouble if I forget to turn off the staircase lights. We are intentional.

“You don’t need permission or position to be great. God created you to do great things.” – Christine Caine 

Please don’t let pride soak in, like it did in me. Become great, or find a job you can become great at, just as God created you to do. Don’t let your college degree, status, or paycheck define you.

Humble yourself.


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Currently, we are celebrating our fourth year of marriage. When I married Patrick, I knew it was going to be a roller coaster of an adventure. However, little did I know, we would spend more time on a plane than in our home. We are beyond excited to share our adventures of soil science, developing countries, our move up north, teaching endeavors, special education, training for our runs and tid bits of our life. Here is our stories of a PhD student and teacher attempting to stay above average, so hang with us!

1 thought on “Becoming Humble

  1. Great post! I remember when we went to WV for Brian’s grad program I didn’t get to use the teaching degree i had earned a semester earlier, but instead took a job at WVU in the telecommunications department where I had zero knowledge or experience. It is indeed humbling to start from scratch after graduating with honors and yes, pride, in a totally different field! Thanks for your post. It is a wonderful reminder that we are who God says we are, not man (or ourselves, ouch!)

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