You thought we were having a Baby Bell, didn’t ya? Sorry about that.

Although, a baby could ( teeny chance) happen, because we will be taking malaria medicine for about 14 months, which counteracts my birth control… don’t get your hopes up though, there are other forms, ya know.

So what do 14 months, malaria medicine, and momentum all have in common?

My husband is rockstar a freaking, rockstar prodigy.

We were porting from our cruise several Sundays ago and our phones were all chiming with updates as we turned them on. We were getting breakfast and all of a sudden Patrick just stops. He is looking at his phone, holding up the line behind him (which if you know Patrick, e-mail and social media never distract him). Finally, he looks up with the biggest smile and whispers “I got it”. “You got what?” as I am trying to push him along.

My freaking, rockstar husband received the U.S. Borlaug Fellowship in Global Food Security.

 The U.S. Borlaug Fellows in Global Food Security program is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to expand the pool of U.S. food security professionals who have the scientific base needed to effectively study and manage the global landscapes in support of sustainable food systems.

After countless drafts, reference letters, and patiently waiting for four months, receiving this news was a breath of fresh air.

What does this mean for us? Well instead of setting New Year’s Resolutions this January, we are leaping forward and making plans.

This means we will be moving to Morogoro, Tanzania for approximately 14 months this summer!

The Uluguru Mountains, where Patirck's research will be

The Uluguru Mountains, where Patrick’s research will be.

Patrick received enough money to implement a new project, based on his research, in Morogoro. As many of you know, Patrick’s PhD requires him to be there every summer. He will still be continuing to do so, before and after, his Borlaug Fellow research.

In 1970 Norman E. Borlaug was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for a lifetime of work to feed a hungry world. Although a scientist with outstanding contributions, perhaps Dr. Borlaug’s greatest achievement has been his unending struggle to integrate the various streams of agricultural research into viable technologies and to convince political leaders to bring these advances to fruition.

His budget was approved and now we are ready to find a home, buy a car, and get plane tickets, all with Morogoro in mind.

This is an incredible opportunity for Patrick professionally. After traveling Europe for three months this past fall, my travel bug is thrilled as well! We made friends and became beyond comfortable last summer, so we are looking forward to our next adventure. We have been presented many wonderful experiences and keeping the momentum going is a part of our plan.

We finished our night eating at the Oasis Hotel and played the card game Estimate.

Good times to be had.

Ohio to Tanzania

Ohio to Tanzania

As the New Year moves on and we learn more, we will definitely share. We appreciate the love, support, and prayers.


The Bell’s


4 thoughts on “Momentum

  1. Congratulations! That is very exciting! I am also moving to Morogoro this year. I am studying anthropology in Denmark and will be spending a semester in Morogoro studying consumer culture starting in October. I hope you will write about your trip, so I can maybe use it as preparation to mine.

    • That is great! We will definitely be writing about our trip. Keep me posted when you arrive and we can meet up! What University do you attend in Denmark?

      • The semester start October 15th, but I will probably arrive a week before so I can check everything out first 🙂 I am attending the Southern University of Denmark. I just started my 4th semester, so I still have 3,5 years left until I have my Masters!

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