Some of  you may have noticed in the spring that Kali and I were posting stuff for sale on Facebook like crazy. We were getting ready for a move and didn’t want to haul stuff we never used half-way across the US. But what some people don’t realize is that we were actually trying to simplify our life a bit.

It started when I ran across a blog of these two dudes that are called “The Minimalist“. They both, through separate paths, are now adherents to what some call a minimalist life-style. The first thing that came to my mind was that these guys were out in the woods eating twigs and berries and writing some good reads that hipsters would eventually discover (like HDT and RWE’s work). However, these two “Minimalist” were different. They still function in society but look at minimalism as a way to enhance their quality of life. This was a new perspective on life for me. Growing up in the U.S., we are lead to believe that it is the QUANTITY of life that will make us happy (i.e. buy more crap). We believe in this so much, we write it into national policy (maybe this will be for another blog).

Now don’t get me wrong. Kali and I are by no means minimalists (except for me and my running…another blog post). You may barely even be able to tell anything is different if you come over. However, there is something about de-cluttering life that goes beyond Martha Stewart home organization. It was actually a little addicting. I would systematically go through each closet or drawer and see what else I could convince Kali we no longer needed (a bunch of stuff in fact).

Anyways, I don’t really have anything more than just that. Check out their blog here. Also check out their friend Colin out here. If you are not really looking to get ride of anything, still check their blogs out. They post some VERY insightful thoughts and perspectives on everyday life.


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About Patrick

I am currently a graduate student studying Plant and Soil Sciences and International Agriculture at Oklahoma State University. In between teaching and research my wife and I love to go running with our dog all around Oklahoma. In the past 5 months we have completed both our first half-marathon and full marathon. Currently I am experimenting with heart rate training and semi-minimalist shoes with the hopes of running some trail and ultramarathons.

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