Passport to Paris


This weekend we had the perfect opportunity to hop the Eurostar and travel over to Paris. My friend from High School, Meghan, is studying law abroad in Paris. She opened her apartment, room, I mean closet to us. Paris’ rent prices are beyond what many of us could even imagine paying for an apartment in the US. However, her location is prime, perfect, and in the middle of everything! We crammed four of us in the room and it worked out quite perfectly. Oh, and if it is free, it is fo’ me. Shout out to Meghan for being a wonderful host and tour guide.

We were able to do the main touristy events: Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, macaroons, cheese and wine, and Lover’s Bridge. My heart was so happy as I drank my morning coffee and ate croissants and other delicious carbs hourly. Hey, don’t judge, I’m carb loading for my half ;).

I also had the most amazing time reconnecting with my Chinese sister, Kim. She is working on her Masters in Paris. We haven’t seen each other since our senior year of High School! I stayed at her house while I studied abroad my senior year and then she came and stayed with my family. She knows all about the Paris, the little details, and her French was beyond helpful when we were trying to navigate.

We went to Laudree’s for macaroons. Ummm, to die for. The lemon and salted caramel were my favorite. Melt in my mouth, favorite. Apparently, this is the place where macaroons all began.

Berthillion was also visited by us as well. The best, most interesting flavors of ice cream you will find. Well, except for Jeni’s in Columbus… I had a lemony, citrus flavor with a hint of basil.

If you ever visit Paris, do these things:

1. Go up to the Eiffel Tower at night. You don’t need to go to the top, top, but definitely the middle level. It is breathtaking and fun!

2. Get a crepe. Add either nutella and a banana or do the cinnamon sugar. If you opt for the nutella and banana, share with a friend. It’s rich.

3. Have lunch, full of wine, cheese, and bread, on the Eiffel Tower lawn. Trust me, you feel famous and it’s fabulous.

Oh, and several notes:

1. The Eiffel Tower lights go off at 1 am. Don’t travel all over to the Tower at midnight and expect it to be on. Then, you find fat rats scurrying all over the place. The eat all the crumbs and freak you smooth out.

2. Some Metro stations close. You might possibly get stuck. Don’t panic. You’ll get out after you hyperventilate for a few seconds.

3. You do have to pay extra for a fourth person in your taxi. No, they aren’t scamming you.

The fat rats are sick.

Paris was a wonderful time and I am happy to have the memories I made there. I wish I spoke more French and knew the more about the history. Nonetheless, I felt like someone important the entire time. I loved referring to Mary-Kate and Ashley movies and other films with the girls while we were there.

My thighs are still sore from all the walking. But, really…


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