25 Reasons to Celebrate

Good evening from the Filton!

Although it is still September 28, 2013 for many of you, it is September 29, 2013 here in England.

September 29th was the day my best friend and love of my life was born. Twenty-five years ago, he was brought into this world to be kind, generous, and use his intelligence to help others daily.

To my regret, I am not able to celebrate with him this year since I am in jolly ole’ England. Don’t you worry, he has two gifts waiting to be opened from me! He will share what they are on his blog coming up early this week (with a side of beer brewing). He received a postcard with the Queen of England on it as well. His lovely parents flew up for a long weekend visit. I am comforted knowing they are partying like rockstars with him!

To help celebrate twenty-five years of greatness, below are 25 reasons why I love Patrick, the Mr., 80, my best friend.

#25 He cares just as much, if not more, about his hair and clothes as I do.

#24 He enjoys cooking.

#23 He likes building and making projects for us that no one else has.

#22 He is a really good clapper. Just ask him.

#21 He let me come to England, no questions asked, to have an experience I will never forget.

#20 He is humble, but proud of who he is.

#19 He is flexible.

#18 He will try anything once. Except for mayo.

#17 He taught me how to take care of myself despite my huffing and puffing, tears, and anger.

#16 He is handsome, cute, and sweet.

#15 He likes hearing about my students and their daily stories.

#14 He challenges me to become better. Heck, I wouldn’t have my Masters if had not told me I was capable.

#13 He isn’t embarrassed by our mistakes or trials. He takes them and helps us learn from them.

#12 He is going to be a solid baby daddy. You should see him make kids laugh. He has stuffed himself inside a box and jumped out continuously to make our nephew cackle.

#11 His dreams are bigger than I had ever imagined.

#10 He likes ice cream just as much as I do.

#9 He is intelligent and does not waste his knowledge.

#8 He handles our finances and I like it.

#7 He is as sexy as Justin Timberlake. And even better, I get to sleep with him.

#6 He makes me coffee and an egg breakfast burrito every morning. Goodness, I am missing that right now.

#5 He has stuck to his vows to me.

#4 He works extremely hard for our family and others. From writing grants to applying for professional development opportunities, he pushes himself to better our lives and others.

#3 He genuinely cares. Embarrassing enough, he cares so much that it has annoyed me because he will let others get in a traffic line, or go a mile around someone standing in the way so we don’t ignore them, or leaves a larger tip than I would recommend. My impatience needs his care.

#2 He not only calls me his princess, but he treats me as one.

#1 He loves me all day, every day for who I am. He has never asked me to be someone I am not.

Happy Birthday, Patrick Ryan! You are loved beyond measures.


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Currently, we are celebrating our fourth year of marriage. When I married Patrick, I knew it was going to be a roller coaster of an adventure. However, little did I know, we would spend more time on a plane than in our home. We are beyond excited to share our adventures of soil science, developing countries, our move up north, teaching endeavors, special education, training for our runs and tid bits of our life. Here is our stories of a PhD student and teacher attempting to stay above average, so hang with us!

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