Go HEART Your Own City


I guess I am now officially a Columbisan… Columbusite… Columbustonian….Cbuser? I really don’t know what you call people that live in Columbus. While at first the transition was a little overwhelming, I can honestly say that I love this place. But really more than loving this place I am loving the perspective it has given me about other “places”.

I actually saw a guy wearing the above shirt one day in town. This is something that I see exhibited in other Columbisians. The community has really come together and visioned what they want their community to be in the future and have worked in different ways towards that goal. This was really set in stone today when a speaker at a conference I was at today said the following (or along the lines of it). “When addressing societal needs, we can’t think of it as segregated problems. What we did years ago in Columbus was envisioned what we wanted Columbus to look like in the future”

It really got me thinking about the role that we all play in the places we live. I often here people say they would LOVE to live somewhere else than they actually live. But lets face it, this is not really possible in some circumstances. However, if you currently are not digging the place your ilive, I challenge you to find a way to work towards creating it into the place you think it should be. I can almost guarantee there are other people that feel the same way. After seeing how this has transpired in Columbus, I can tell you the results are worth it.

What do you love about your city? What do you want to see more of in your city?

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About Patrick

I am currently a graduate student studying Plant and Soil Sciences and International Agriculture at Oklahoma State University. In between teaching and research my wife and I love to go running with our dog all around Oklahoma. In the past 5 months we have completed both our first half-marathon and full marathon. Currently I am experimenting with heart rate training and semi-minimalist shoes with the hopes of running some trail and ultramarathons.

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