My First Day of School

Well, I just survived my first day of teaching in my real placement. And by survive, I mean it was awesome, fast-paced, and quite entertaining.

You see, my placement is different than most. I am working with four teachers who have two 4th grade and two 5th grade classes that rotate for each subject. One teaches math, one science, one social studies, and one writing; they all teach reading to their homeroom. These students loop, meaning they will have these four teachers for both 4th and 5th grade. Now, I say that with a grain of salt, because many of these students move often due to deployment and their parents’ placement. I have several students who will only be with us a few more weeks or will be leaving in December. However, looping is beneficial for students who will get to experience it, because they get to build relationships with the teachers, parents are more comfortable, and accommodations and modifications can be easily made based on need.

I’m looking forward to this variety to keep me on my toes and get accustomed to the fast pace. I will spend approximately two weeks with each teacher and spend reading with my homeroom class. Staying on top of how each teacher does processes and such might be interesting, but I won’t be bored I can tell ya that! Also, I’m looking forward to the lesson planning-at most three lessons per day. However, it was recommended to me that I spend two days per lesson: one day teach and the second day focus on assessment and review.

The team seems great and work very well together.

The students are very well-behaved. I’m looking forward to getting to know them and hear about their lives! You see, most students have barely lived in the US. Many have experienced Japan, Germany, UK, and more. The teachers have lived everywhere under the sun too! My teacher and her husband taught in Japan before moving to the UK. Teacher talk in the lounge today wasn’t about awful students, but about visa processes, favorite foods in Japan, and trying to find a house. I loved it!

Funny story of the day: I was working today with a student on his math profile. Basically, you answer questions about strengths and weaknesses in math and what helps you learn math. Once we got to what do you need to help you work best in math, he seriously as ever replied are you kidding me? I don’t ever want to work on math, so I guess nothing. I did ask for an honest answer; I guess I got what I asked for!

Besides my feet throbbing by 11:30 am, I’m thinking this teaching thing is for me. I teared up when we said the Pledge of Allegiance today. I haven’t recited our Pledge in years. Many schools in the US don’t take the time in the morning to say it anymore. It was an overwhelming experience for me this morning; I think because I was surrounded by students whose whole family are living the Pledge and sacrificing holidays, traditions, and family dinners so our Country can be safe. I have been told I will automatically know when a parent is deployed because their demeanor and behavior changes. I’m over hear complaining about 2 1/2 months away from Pat and these people deal with six months to a year! Reality check on a daily basis.

And I have to end with my favorite quote, because more than ever, this is true…

By learning you will teach; by teaching you will understand. Latin Proverb

PLEASE tell me about your weekend and/or upcoming week! I love hearing from you all more than you know!

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4 thoughts on “My First Day of School

  1. I got chills reading the pledge of allegiance part! I LOVE that! And as a military brat myself I hold a lot country pride and respect for those families! So excited for you!! Love you and miss you tons!

  2. I loved this! They are all so lucky to have you! I teared up today reading what you said about the pledge. I spoke to my orientation class today about September 11th being this week and they seemed mostly unaffected. Thanks as always for sharing!

  3. Love your first day account! It sounds awesome. I remember that my feet hurt so bad when I was a new teacher. That and my throat got sore from talking so much!! I have enjoyed all of your pictures too. Keep ’em coming!

  4. I agree with Sasha…. the pledge of allegiance part got me. So much truth in that paragraph!

    I am so glad you enjoyed your first day! What a blessing. You are such a hard worker, Kali! I have always admired that about you. I love hearing your perspective on the world and your experiences because you have such a great insight due to your deep heart and dedication to life.

    Can you put up pics of students?? If so, you should show us some of your favorites so far 😉 love ya!

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