Dear 5th Grade,

Dear 5th Grade,

I am not sure if I am happy to have been a part of you these past two weeks or not. Of course, I adore all the students. Their humor, smell, and honesty is what I love. However, 5th grade is a rough stage in life.

5th grade, you introduce boys. You also bring in awkwardness of maturity, taking responsibility, and mean girls (and boys sometimes). Today, girl A told girl B she “hated her”. Now, I understand this is all rumor, BUT you know she still truly said it, right? Then, of course girl A & B made up between math and science class. However, 5th grade you struck again and by recess girl B was telling their peers, not only who girl A was crushing on, but she was “dating” him already. Hence, girl A was never going to get a boyfriend again. Never. Well, reading class was the cure again, and they were back to being best friends. Although, just an hour before reading girl A could not stand sitting next to girl B.

See how you wear me out, 5th grade?

I wish I could counsel and convince you to go easy on them. They have no idea what big life is ahead of them. The students are clueless that some of them may have to transition to a new state, lose a parent, will become the top of their class, or fail their freshmen classes in college. No matter how much momma and dad tell them “it will be ok”, they just don’t believe them.

Some of them are already dealing with weight issues, obesity and not enough nutrition. Really, 5th grade? They can barely handle getting to lunch on their own. They do not need anymore difficulty. You have already made some girls think they will never be pretty enough, never as good as so and so…

Let’s talk responsibility. I agree with you, 5th grade, that their responsibilities should increase. They are old enough to handle completing their math and spelling homework. On the other hand, do you really think they should have to try to wake up mom every morning in order to get to school in time? Why do they have to be the parent of their younger siblings from the time they get home until they go back to school the next day?

I understand this is a part of life. I simply wish these brilliant students truly knew that they are capable of anything. I hope I leave 5th grade with them feeling inspired and ready to face any challenges.

5th grade, be nice.



P.S. I’m going to miss my students so much.

P.S.S. I mean, I’m reeeeeaaaaaaallllly going to miss them.

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