Oh, Ohio. Columbus, OH.

Hey, from the Columbus International Airport!

To be frank, this week has been a whirlwind and I am exhausted. We moved into our house this past Monday and literally spent every waking moment working on it. It is an older town home about a mile from campus. I am pretty sure the hard wood floors are original from the 30’s. No joke. Besides the cat urine smell, the character in the house is perfect and we have loved it. Bath & Body Works Leaves candles have been our saving crazy in the cat urine area. We are hoping there are some cleaning supplies that can take it out of the wood permanently. Whoever thought three cats in a 1300 square foot home was a good idea should be slapped.

Dr. Hattey, Patrick’s old advisor/supervisor at Oklahoma State, now lives in Columbus and works for Ohio State. He helped us move in and I am forever grateful! It’s six steps up from the driveway and about 15 steps upstairs. Also, we of course moved in on the hottest day of the year. Dr. Hattey and his wife Susan also treated us to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant after we moved all the boxes in. It was nice to know people upon arriving after saying some stinging good-byes.

We met most of our neighbors within 48 hours of moving is. Summer and Steven are our town home neighbs. They are alum of Ohio State and expecting a baby in February! We went on a double date with them on Thursday. They gave us a campus tour and took us to Hound Dogs pizza for dinner. They treated us to dinner as well- how did we get so lucky?? Ron and Judy live across the street. They watch our street like a hawk and I don’t hate it. They sit on their porch in the evenings and know everything about everyone. This makes me feel warm and safe. They are like grand-neighbs. Ben, a dad, just bought the house next to us. His daughter and friends are moving in while they go to school at Ohio State. He has been remodeling this past week. I would love for him to come over when he is done….

Right behind our house is the Columbus Crew Soccer Stadium, the fair grounds, a Lowe’s and Aldi’s. We can walk to most restaurants, a Starbucks, Urban Outfitters, movie theater, and more in about 15-20 minutes. However most chain stores and restaurants are a highway away. I guess that is city life. I don’t think we will mind it.

Putting the house together wasn’t so bad. It is definitely the largest place we have ever had by far. It is the first time we have been able to fit all of our stuff under one roof as well. Our bathroom and closets though are teeny tiny. Our knees can almost touch our sink cabinet when going to the bathroom. It’s comical. At least we have a bathroom and toilet though.

Although unpacking took forever, we still managed to have a date night and explore the city. We ate dinner and shopped in the Short North. It is called the Short North because it is just north of campus, and short. Very original, huh? It is filled with galleries, expensive stores, dog bakeries, and thrift stores. They were selling old window panes for $90… umm, I bought my large one in Jenks for $10. I could make some cash importing those. We ate at a swanky place called Bodega. Their beer and wine menu was larger than their actually menu. We ate the best spinach dip, I had a grass-fed beef burger and spinach salad. Patrick had a dish called blue chips, which was pasta in gorgonzola sauce and vegetables. It was delicious. Yesterday we drove around all the districts including German Village, Brewery District, and Easton. We missed Victorian Village though. Easton Mall was very commercialized, but awesome commercialized! They had two story eveythings- Forever 21, Build-a-Bear, American Girl, Tiffany & Co. Fancy pants. I finally found Lululemon there too! We had our first Jeni’s ice cream. To die for. I had a waffle cone with Salty Caramel and Loveless Biscuits and Peaches ice cream. Patrick had to scoops of the Milkest Chocolate in the World. Jeni’s is only located in Columbus, so if you ever get to visit- it’s a must!

There is so much more to share, but we both begin school this week, so not a lot of time. However, on the blog later this week I will post a little more about Columbus, Top 10 Bell Inexpensive Travel Tips, and a little something from Patrick about The Ohio State!

I have missed blogging and will hopefully be back in a routine soon! Click on the pictures below to see more of our OH adventures.


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