I don’t want your money!

International development is tricky. There is no way around it. While we have a good idea of what doesn’t work (even though we sometimes still do it), we are still trying to determine the “best” method of helping impoverished countries to develop.

Growing up in Oklahoma, I was surrounded by very generous people. People who wanted to help others whether abroad or at home in any way they could. When trying to help internationally, I would often see people give money blindly to organizations thinking that this money will eventually reach those that need it most. However, after spending a bit of time working and traveling in developing countries I realize that this blind giving, while still generous, is often not reaching those that need it most.

So… if you’re looking to give a fat stack of cash away or even just a few bucks, here are some recommended organizations based on both the organization’s reputation within international development as well as my personal experience seeing their work in the field. Each organization works on tons of different projects including water well drilling, agricultural production, child sponsorship, and micro-business development. While I personally prefer for development organizations to be non-religious (that is for another LONG post), I have included World Vision on the list for those that feel they need to donate to a religious (Christian) organization. I should also mention that this list does not include every group that is doing good. There are plenty out there, some small and some big. Just make sure to do your homework to make sure that your not just tossing money out the window.

Note: If you “click” on their logo it will take you to their website so that you can check them out yourself!


care logo


World Vision:

world vision logo

Heifer International:

heifer logo

Check their sites out and let me know what you think. Also, if you have another vetted organization post their info in a comment for people to check out!


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I am currently a graduate student studying Plant and Soil Sciences and International Agriculture at Oklahoma State University. In between teaching and research my wife and I love to go running with our dog all around Oklahoma. In the past 5 months we have completed both our first half-marathon and full marathon. Currently I am experimenting with heart rate training and semi-minimalist shoes with the hopes of running some trail and ultramarathons.

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