Foodie Friday +

Good Morning from the guesthouse!

It is a raining, cool morning here. Perfect. I’m not sure if I have shared this yet, but it is technically fall here, or dry season (so rain is abnormal right now). Hence, coffee, a light jacket, and Ben Howard in the morning are essential.

This week we had some yummy food! I have noticed here, it is basically like eating casseroles all the time. Or at least that is how I imagine it. Click on the pictures below to see the grub and read the descriptions.


See anything you would eat?

This week has been pretty low key. We went on a date, worked in the lab, and relaxed! I started and finished the book Insurgent by Veronica Roth. It is the second of three in her series. I recommend it if you enjoyed The Hunger Games. Below is a small photo dump of our week.


Now to our giveaway winners! Yes, I said winners! We were so blown away by the amount of love, comments, and shares, I had to pick two! I used to help!

Selected project: Snacks & Bottle Opener

The project is already locked.

Prize ID Public Info Private Info Random Sorting ID Weight
1: Snacks & Bottle Opener Jason B 11EFB155-D7A7-443E-B151-7434C7611D4E 1
2: Snacks Sasha A 1329A844-6437-453E-99B2-2FCE1CC891BF 1

Congrats Jason & Sasha! Jason, you were the first winner, so you get snacks and a bottle opener! Sasha, our favorite Africa snacks will be sent your way, with a beer! Please email me your addresses.

We will have one more giveaway this summer! The rest of the year our giveaways will be from OH and England!



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Currently, we are celebrating our fourth year of marriage. When I married Patrick, I knew it was going to be a roller coaster of an adventure. However, little did I know, we would spend more time on a plane than in our home. We are beyond excited to share our adventures of soil science, developing countries, our move up north, teaching endeavors, special education, training for our runs and tid bits of our life. Here is our stories of a PhD student and teacher attempting to stay above average, so hang with us!

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